This testimonial page has been provided to draw your attention to the guidelines for advertising of regulated health services. Some health care practitioners may use testimonials in promoting their services or make claims that their products or services are superior to those provided by other health practitioners but this is against the current guidelines. For your information, some of the guidelines are provided below. 


What is unacceptable advertising?


1. Create or be likely to create unwarranted and unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of the health services advertised
2. Encourage (directly or indirectly) inappropriate, indiscriminate, unnecessary or excessive use of health services; for example, references to a person improving their physical appearance and the use of phrases such as ‘don’t delay’, ‘achieve the look you want’ and ‘looking better and feeling more confident’ have the potential to create unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of certain services and encourage unnecessary use of such services
3. Use testimonials or purported testimonials
4. compare different regulated health professions where there is no evidence on which to base the comparison and/or in a way that may mislead or deceive
5. Claim that the services provided by a particular regulated health profession are better, as safe as or safer than others 

6. Contain any claim, statement or implication that a practitioner provides superior services to those provided by other registered health practitioners.

7. Contain any claim, statement or implication that the results of the health service offered are always effective.                                                                                          


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