Full Dentures


PHOTO: A full upper denture with gum carving and gum tinting.


Featured denture was constructed at McGovern's Denture Clinic, photo is untouched. Please note the darker shade of teeth was requested by the patient. There are many shades to choose from.

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures are removable appliances that are worn by people who are missing all their natural teeth in either the upper jaw (maxilla) or lower jaw (mandible).  Full or complete dentures replace the natural teeth and provide support for the cheeks and lips.

Our dentures are cosmetically designed for each patient's individual needs. We are able to utilise photos of a patient's natural teeth to help return their natural look. Alternatively, the patient may wish to access something completely different to their natural teeth. We can work together with the patient to assist them achieve a look that is both appropriate and pleasing. The choices a patient may make include the shade (colour) the mould and the position of the teeth in the denture.

The course of your personalised treatment, consists of a series of approximately six appointments. At the initial consultation appointment, an oral examination is conducted to assess the best possible treatment for the patient's individual needs and a quote is provided. If the patient is happy and consents to treatment, primary impressions can be taken during this appointment. 

From these first impressions, special trays are made to suit the patient's mouth. Further secondary impressions are taken at the second appointment ensuring that the best possible fit can be achieved. It is at this appointment we work with the patient in the selection of teeth for their denture. At the third and fourth appointment, the patient is able to view the teeth in their mouth and request any adjustments. This is a critical time in the creation of the dentures, as we understand the importance of the patient being contented and comfortable with its appearance. We are more than happy to make additional appointments to ensure achievements of this outcome prior to the actual completion of construction. 

In most cases, the fifth appointment will be used to issue the patient with their cosmetically designed new dentures. It is also at this time the patient will be provided with instructions on cleaning, eating, speaking and wearing of their new dentures. The sixth appointment is an opportunity for the patient to discuss how they are managing with their new dentures, any concerns they may have and any adjustments needed can be made at this time. 

At our denture clinic, we pride ourselves on the ongoing care that we provide to our patients and are committed to being of service for the life of their dentures.