Partial Dentures




A partial denture is a removable appliance. It replaces natural teeth in the upper or lower arch in a partially edentulous patient. It may be made of different materials. It should be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly allow the patient to eat and speak. It will also protect remaining natural teeth from drifting or over erupting which may result in further loss of dentition. As a removable appliance it can be inserted or removed at the patient's convenience and for cleaning.

Before a partial denture is constructed it is recommended that remaining natural dentition and gums are checked by your dentist. This will ensure that the denture will have a healthy and stable supporting environment.

Partial dentures manufactured at our clinic are constructed of either acrylic or cast metal alloy. All materials used in our partial dentures are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved. The cast metal frame is manufactured in an Australian laboratory.


Acrylic Partial Dentures

Our acrylic partial dentures are made of high strength, Ivocap, heat-cured injection acrylic. Our practice utilises a gum coloured acrylic base and generally have surgical steel clasps for retention. Artificial teeth are carefully matched to the patient's existing dentition. Gum carving and tinting of the denture base also provides a more natural look.

Partial acrylic dentures are particularly recommended when the prognosis for remaining natural teeth is poor. They are also used as a temporary/transitional appliance where the patient is waiting for future treatment. For example, in the case of implants or post extraction healing.  

Metal Partial Dentures

Our cast metal partial denture frames are sent to Lismore to a family owned business, McCarthy's Dental Laboratory. This laboratory uses TGA approved materials. Rick McCarthy has worked as a dental technician since 1979 and taught at the Gold Coast University for three years in this field.

Once the metal frame has been returned, the manufacture of the denture is completed at our clinic using the same method as acrylic partial dentures.

Cast metal dentures are recommended when the patient has a good prognosis for their remaining natural dentition.