Denture Relines & Repairs



Relining a denture can be completed on both full and partial dentures. Relining a denture is a procedure carried out when there has been considerable bone and gum resorption which makes the denture loose or unstable. Generally this occurs when the patient has had teeth extracted. Sometimes there can be enough natural bone and gum loss over a period of time to also warrant a reline. The ability to carry out a reline procedure can depend on the age of the denture.

It is advisable to have a consultation first to diagnose that a reline will be the appropriate procedure for the patient's concerns. Once diagnosed that a reline will be of benefit an impression is taken inside their denture and the fitting surface is then replaced with new acrylic. Our relines can be completed on the same day therefore reducing the time the patient is without their denture.






Our denture repairs are usually completed on the same day provided they are brought in prior to 10:30am. An appointment is not required to bring your denture in. Same day repairs will also depend on the nature of the work required.  The patient will be informed of any cost and time the denture will be ready for collection prior to any work being undertaken. In some cases an impression may be required. The patient will need to make an appointment for this procedure.