Before & After Photo Gallery

These are real, unedited photos of actual patients treated by Joe & Kim McGovern.

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Our patient was initially referred by her dentist to our practice because she was having her remaining seven upper teeth removed. Our practice constructed a full upper immediate denture and her dentist immediately fitted the denture at the time of her surgery so that she did not have to go without teeth. Our practice then provided after care services of the denture. Although, aesthetics of immediate dentures are sometimes difficult to predict, our patient was very happy with this outcome. To learn more about immediate dentures visit our about immediate denture page here.

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Patient was referred by her dentist for us to treat and construct a full upper immediate denture. Once full upper was fabricated we informed the dental surgeon and the extraction appointment was made.





In this case the patient requested to have her remaining upper teeth extracted and a full upper immediate. Extractions and fitting of the immediate denture were performed by a local oral surgeon. Patient is pleased with the outcome.





This patient attended our surgery as we have treated other members of her family. She wanted to have her remaining front teeth extracted and a full upper immediate denture and a partial lower denture constructed. This is a case where the aesthetics and function were unpredictable. In the 'before' photo aesthetics are not ideal, there is too much denture gum showing and the position of the teeth are not ideal. The 'after' photo shows the patient 6 months later with a new full upper denture. Better aesthetics and function were achieved because the morphology of the bone had changed considerably allowing us to position the teeth in a more favourable position. With the remake we were able to have a try-in of the denture whereby the patient could see the denture and add input, which allowed us to make alterations prior to completing the denture. We were able to eliminate the amount of denture gum showing and improve tooth positioning. The patient and I are pleased with the final result. As a side note, the immediate/provisional full upper is now a spare in case of emergencies.





Patient referred by her dentist. This was a difficult case due to overcrowding of patients natural teeth. The patient wanted a smile where her teeth weren’t overcrowded and whiter teeth. As the patient had most of her natural teeth we were unable to have a try-in for the patient and ourselves to check the aesthetics prior to completion. The patient and I were happy with the outcome. I did ask for feedback and the patient’s comment was ‘’there is a lot to deal with’’ as it was her first full upper denture.