Immediate or Provisional Dentures



Immediate dentures are an option for patients that aesthetics and psychosocial concerns require them to have a denture fabricated prior to extractions and immediately fitted by their dental surgeon at the time of the extractions. This allows patients to continue with work or social commitments without the anxiety and worry of missing teeth. Immediate dentures are compromised due to the inability to try-in the denture prior to the tooth/teeth being removed. Therefore, the function and aesthetic outcome may be unpredictable when compared to a denture made once all healing has occurred. During the healing process the morphology of the bone and oral tissue change. This is addressed by the use of temporary resilient liners during the healing period. Once there has been adequate healing a more permanent reline is undertaken. Occasionally, if aesthetics and/or function are not ideal it may be necessary to construct a new complete denture.

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